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Foot Locker Men’s Fashion


Check out our latest sneaker collections from leading sportswear brands – curated with you in mind – to make bold fashion statements with your outfits. Whether you need running shoes, comfortable slides, or even a snazzy jacket – look no further because Foot Locker’s got you covered!


Men’s Shoes


Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is an art – it has the power to make or break your outfit. Our know-how style and aesthetics are important to your self-expression and for that, our diverse collection of men’s footwear will help you find your match.


Browse through our shoes for basketball in a variety of styles like the Nike Kyrie and Puma Court Rider lines for a more vibrant look. For a simple, sleek design and a classic silhouette, the latest from the Nike Blazer Mid is your go-to collection. If running is your sport of choice, then our selection of the Adidas Ultraboost or even the Adidas NMD would be a better fit for you.


Get casual, but not too casual, with our shoe collection for your off-duty looks. This will give you a chance to switch out your style every once in a while. After all, sneakers are not fitness-exclusive.


Men’s Clothing


Foot Locker understands your fashion needs, no matter the season. You can cool off during hot summer months by choosing something from our wide selection of shorts. Their basic color palette makes them an excellent match for our colorful graphic t-shirts. You can also choose your favorite football and basketball team jerseys from our wide range of sports jerseys.


For a warm athletic look in the winter months, pick up some of our favorite athletic hoodies and sweatshirts, which are best paired with our cozy fleece sweatpants. Instantly elevate your look by adding a statement jacket to your outfit.


Men’s Accessories


An outfit is never complete without accessories, even simple ones. Boost the look of your training attire with our New Era caps and moisture-wicking socks from Nike. And because we know you like to train hard, we offer you backpacks and duffel bags for your gym essentials. But don’t forget to pick up a mask to match!


Browse through our Crep Protect and Forcefield lines to make sure that your favorite sneakers are all taken care of by the top-of-the-line products we have here at Foot Locker Kuwait.


Visit Foot Locker Kuwait through our online website or app for the best offers on men’s, women’s, and kids’ footwear.

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Foot Locker Women’s Fashion


Who said sportswear was only reserved for your casual and chill days? Show up aggressively elegant in the latest fashionable pieces of women’s footwear and clothing from Foot Locker. You will always find something new to add to your wardrobe when you shop with us, no matter what your fashion needs are.


Women’s Shoes


There’s no silhouette more classic than the ‘dad shoe.’ As it’s making its way back into the fashion world’s spotlight, check out our New Balance 574 collection that also includes the color the brand is most known for – gray. And if you do love going out on occasional or more frequent outdoor runs, the 574s will most definitely be up for the task!


For casual, everyday shoes, nothing adds a bright pop of color to your outfits like the Adidas Forum and Nike Air Force 1 models with their distinct outer sole. For white sneakers, however, do checkout the Puma Cali and the Adidas Superstar or Stan Smith models of women’s footwear. Their timeless designs make them the perfect fit for any type of outfit or occasion.


When there is no room for dressing up on lazy days, something as quick and easy to put on as a pair of slides is always a good option. Check out our Adidas Adilette Lite slides and pick the color you like the most – or maybe just pick them all!


Women’s Clothing


Winter is coming! With the summer officially packing its bags and saying goodbye, cheer yourself up by buying a brand new and colorful Adidas jacket. If color is not so much your thing, we do offer hoodies and sweatshirts with a basic color palette to flatter your personal style preferences.


Our stylish T-shirts would also go well with those for more of a layered look once the weather outside gets colder. Leggings, on the other hand, are a workout essential. Our collections from Adidas, Nike, and New Balance are diverse, and our leggings are made from the stretchiest of materials for comfort and mobility while you smash all your workouts.


Women’s Accessories


It takes a special kind of sock to handle your intense training sessions. Check out our moist wicking socks from Nike, which are tough enough to handle the job – and don’t forget to pick up a bag to have all your gym gear in one accessible spot. Throw in a cap with that to help you stay in the zone and a protective mask so that you’re all set.


Visit our Foot Locker stores in Kuwait city or shop through our brand new app for the best offers on men’s, women’s, and kids’ footwear, apparel, and shoe care products.

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Are you looking to buy the newest hottest kid’s sneakers in the Kuwait? Whether you're shopping for Eid gifts or preparing the kids for the new school year, Foot Locker is your one stop shop for sneakers, apparel, and accessories for every member of the family.


Find out the release dates of the hottest sneakers in the Kuwait, so you get them before your friends do! Here are some of the most anticipated releases of the season.

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E-Gift Card

Got an occasion or holiday celebration coming up soon? Look no further! We’re bringing to you a personal favorite of ours – the Foot Locker gift card in digital form. Now you can celebrate your loved ones’ special day, or simply just because, with Alshaya by buying them an e-gift card when you’re not quite sure about what would make the perfect gift.

Where can I get my e-gift card?

You can purchase a Foot Locker e-gift card directly from our sites. Choose one of the many colorful designs we have for your special occasion, whether it be for a friend, a partner, a family member, or yourself.

How fast will my e-gift card be received?

Your e-gift card will be sent to the recipient’s email immediately after your purchase. They will receive a confirmation email containing their e-gift card number along with a scannable QR code that can be used at any of our stores across Kuwait. To make any online purchases, simply enter the e-gift card number at the checkout page.

The e-gift card can be linked by clicking on the “Link to Account” button. It can then be accessed when logged in through our site or app.

Where can I use my e-gift card?

You can use your e-gift card at your nearest Foot Locker store or online in Kuwait through our sites and apps. If you would like to gift it to someone living in another country within the region, please make sure you purchase it from our site in that country. Our e-gift cards are single currency – you cannot use them to purchase items from other countries.

Does the e-gift card have a value limit?

We offer multiple value options for you to select from or you can enter a custom amount instead.

Can I use my e-gift card at any Foot Locker store or just online?

You can use your Foot Locker e-gift card at any of our stores by showing your QR code at the checkout counter. You can access it through your email or by logging into your account through our site or app.

How can I top up my e-gift card or check its balance?

You can do that through the “Check Balance” and “Top Up Card” buttons on our e-Gift Card page. You can top up your card by selecting one of our available value options or by entering a custom amount, which will be reflected immediately after checkout.

How can I send an e-gift card to someone?

1.      Select a design of your liking, depending on the occasion.

2.      Select a value option or enter the custom amount that you would like.

3.      Select who you will be purchasing the gift card for.

4.      Enter their details.

5.      You also have the option of leaving them a heartfelt message.

Surprise your friends, family, or even yourself with a birthday e-gift card for a delightful shopping trip to any of our branches or by browsing our online store. And don’t forget to leave them a little message as a token of your appreciation and love for them!